Ballistic Rope Protector – Reviewed


A package arrived at Rope Access USA HQ recently, from our good friends Rope+Rescue and we barely stopped to wipe the Cheetos dust off our fingers before busting into it. What we found was some interesting looking rope gear so passed it along to a Rope Access crew for a thorough test and review. Here’s what they thought…


The little things do matter and rope protection is no exception. If you’re going to be hanging over rough edges, 100ft above the ground, it’s certainly reassuring to know your rope is safe from any damage. New rope isn’t cheap either so from an economic standpoint, it certainly pays to protect your ropes as much as you can.


We tested Rope+Rescue’s very own 18 inch nylon rope protector. Upon a quick visual and tactile inspection we realized that this wasn’t your average nylon; and we were right. This rope pro’ is made from a thick; six-layer, ballistic grade nylon. Making it extremely strong. One of the technicians on our crew actually questioned whether shooting it would be a suitable test!

While thick, there is still a surprising amount of give in the material, making it flexible enough to manipulate and position it in a variety of situations.

A lot of the rope protectors on the market today, have an annoyingly small strip of Velcro, which can often come undone or just make it difficult to seal close around certain ropes. Rope+Rescue have definitely addressed that issue; as the Velcro strip on their nylon rope protector is as wide as the entire protector when closed, making sure you always get a good seal. The compact wrap around your rope means there is little chance for dirt and other damaging elements getting at your rope.

Wide velcro strips make for a solid seal.


As with most sleeve style rope protectors, it comes with 2 loops, one at either end which allows for additional positioning; for use with carabiners and accessory cord.

Rope+Rescue carry this style of rope protector in 4 sizes and each is colored coded: 12″ Red, 18″ blue, 24″ Yellow, 36″ Grey.


This rope protector has a military like feel to it. If Batman uses rope protection then it probably feels a lot like this. Overall we found it to be an excellent option for rope protection.


Review carried out by Mike Stogner – IRATA Level III & SPRAT Level III


The 18” ABC BALLISTIC GRADE NYLON ROPE PROTECTOR (Blue) is currently available from for $19.80. However discounts are available if your order in bulk.








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