Rope+Rescue Bolt Bag – Reviewed

We were recently sent some Rope Access equipment from so that we could arrange for the it to be tested in the field. We sent the gear to a Rope Access crew to have it reviewed.


As Rope Technicians we have to carry a lot of gear and anything that can help with that is definitely welcome in our kits.

Most types of rope access work will require you to carry an accessory bag of some sort. As an NDT inspection crew, we need to carry a whole bunch of tools and gadgets with us to get the job done. We were asked by Rope Access USA to test a bolt bag from Rope+Rescue with a bit of a difference.

Most pod or bolt bags are made from canvas and only last so long before a tool of some description starts poking holes in it. The Top Bolt bag from Rope+Rescue is made from synthetic material and a ballistic grade nylon is also included to reinforce the bottom of the bag and that definitely makes it tougher than the average bag.


The Top Bolt Bag comes with a large belt loop which made it pretty easy for us to attach it to one of our harnesses.





What makes this bag unique is the way it closes. Rope+Rescue have used a wire in the top seam; this means it can be manipulated into any shape you wish and can be closed tight easily. Rope+Rescue claim this to be revolutionary… a bold claim indeed but when we tested it, we soon realized that the bag can be opened & closed easily, with one hand, which might just back that up. The less hands needed to do tasks at height, the better, right? Because only one hand is needed to open and close the bag we attached it to the rear of our harness which meant it was out of our way, something that might prove difficult when using the traditional drawstring closure, common with most tool bags.


The wire seam closure ensures a tight closure every time.

The lack of a dangling drawstring is a great feature. Drawstrings are always catching things and wrapping themselves in the strangest places. More often than not, we find ourselves squeezing through tight spaces and the less things that can get caught the better, because usually that’s when things can fall!

The Top Bolt bag also comes complete with two bolt pin loops on either side, and can be used to hold a variety of tools. These are also seamless making them incredibly durable.

The inside of the bag has a removable pocket. The pocket provides an extra layer of protection, which would be useful for more delicate equipment such as cameras or cell phones (if you’re allowed them on the job).

The inside pocket (removable) worked great for our camera.

From an aesthetic point of view; the bag looks great and really stands out, all the rope techs that saw it – asked about it. One potential drawback in the design may be the logo, which is made from a type of rubber and while it looks great, it may not hold up to high temperatures very well, something we have to consider all the time when working in refineries with extremely hot pipes.


To summarize, this might be one of the best accessory/tool bags I’ve used. The rope tech who tested this last, refuses to remove it from his harness, he loves it! I would definitely like to have one for every member of my crew.

Review carried out by Mike Stogner (IRATA Level III & SPRAT Level III) & Reynaldo Cobarubio (IRATA Level II & SPRAT Level II)

The Rope and Rescue Bender Top Bolt Bag is currently priced at $35.70 and is available from

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