IRATA Anchor Line Safety

Prevent Damage To Your Anchor Lines – IRATA Safety

IRATA Edge Management Bulletin

Technicians should always ensure precautions are taken to prevent damage to anchor lines when they are in use. Hazards such as sharp edges, abrasive surfaces, corrosive substances and heat sources are common in the workplace and may damage ropes which may come into contact with them, or within close proximity.
Wherever possible, any hazard that could cause damage to the anchor lines should be removed. Technicians should utilise the hierarchical approach when identifying rope protection and edge management methodology, which prioritises the removal of hazards before considering avoidance through rigging methods or mitigation through rope protection.
The following IRATA safety edge management poster illustrates that hierarchical approach, and is an excellent reference tool for technicians when considering rope protection and edge management methods. In addition to this poster, technicians should refer to ICOP Part 2, 2.7.10 and ICOP Annex P for further guidance.
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IRATA Anchor Line Safety
IRATA Anchor Line Safety

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