Essential Apps For Rope Techs : Knots 3D

There are many apps out there that make life a bit easier for rope techs. We try them all and recommend the best.


How many knots can you tie? How many knots do you really need to know, to get by in rope access?

Whatever the answer is… it does KNOT hurt to know more. Situations can arise when you need something a little different or perhaps you just want to impress your crew by showing them some ancient Samurai death hitch (if you know how to tie one, please get in touch!).

In any case, ‘theres an app for that’. In fact there’s a lot of apps for that but one definitely stands out for us.

Knots 3D is an app available for android and apple devices and will show you how to tie over 100 knots.

What’s unique about knots 3d, is just that. It gives you a 3D view of each knot. When you select a knot from one of the main categories, the animation will start and tie the knot for you. At any point, you can spin the image in any direction, giving you a view of the knot at every angle. You can also drag the screen back and forward to effectively rewind and play the animation, as slow or as fast as you like. You can even zoom in for extra detail.

Not content with all that? Well don’t worry, knots 3D will even provide you with reference information for each knot, including strength and reliability.

Offshore worker with no cell service? They’ve got you covered. Knots 3D is completely self-contained and does not require an internet connection.

Get it and get tying!



If you use or have built an app and think it would benefit your fellow rope techs, send us a review and we’ll publish it with full credit to you.

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