This rope access technician had a great resume

Resume Writing for Rope Access Techs

Get the resume that gets you the job!

Did you know Rope Access USA has a resume writing and LinkedIn profile service? We do, and it’s highly effective.

You can have your resume remastered by a professional with years of writing experience and it won’t cost the typical hundreds of dollars!

We work with recruiters and company owners to understand exactly what they need to see.

Resumes often resemble a to-do list or a disorganized mess of information. A busy recruiter won’t waste their time on it, most will bin it on sight — we know because they told us!

How it works

We’ll work with you to write the resume you need. You can send us an old resume to start from or just email us your LinkedIn profile and any information we need.

Within 5 business days, you’ll receive a brand-new resume, in the most common document formats. Your custom document will be your new resume and will enhance your professional image and maximize your talent and experience.

Not happy with the first draft? You can request unlimited revisions for 30 days.

What we do

  • Select a style and layout proven to get a great response from recruiters
  • Focus on readability and presentation
  • Organize and present your industry certificates
  • Format for viewing on any device
  • Highlight your skills, abilities, and experience
  • Craft a clear statement of the unique value you can provide


LinkedIn is widely used in rope access recruitment. It’s the go-to reference for an employer to check on a potential recruit — you need to make sure your profile doesn’t let you down. We give it a makeover or create it from scratch and include key terms to ensure your profile is found and stands out.

You won’t recognize yourself on paper!

You’ll have a permanent record of your rope access career. One you’ll be proud to present to employers.

Employers will sit up and take notice of your skill and qualifications.

Get started today. Just click below to go to our secure payment.

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If you have questions, please contact us today, we’ll be happy to

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