Video Tutorial – IRATA Level 1 Techniques & Skills

This is the first in our series of IRATA video tutorials. This edition will help you learn IRATA Level 1 Techniques & skills.

All the videos are created by the clever chaps at Access Techniques Ltd who are one of the UK’s leading IRATA training companies.

These video tutorials are designed not only to support and guide you through your IRATA training and assessments but also to refresh and renew the skills of experienced rope professionals.

These skills may differ from the way you’ve been taught but that doesn’t make them wrong, it just makes them different. If you have any feedback on these techniques please leave a comment below or share it with our Facebook community.

IRATA Level 1 Techniques (5 Videos)

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Some ways of doing basic Level one rope access manoeuvres. Other techniques exist for different situations.

This is one way of aid climbing in rope access. Other methods exist but aren't as good.

Basic rope access knots for IRATA Level 1

A quick look at building your rope access kit up.

This is one way of rigging for rescue, to lift and lower a casualty in event of a rescue.

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