The second in our series of articles for rope access technicians hoping to pass their Level II (L2) SPRAT or IRATA assessment.

The Rope Access USA team includes some grizzly L3s who can be persuaded (by strong drink) to dispense their wisdom for eager young technicians. We’ve documented their drunk ramblings and organized them into guides to help you pass your SPRAT and IRATA assessments.


  • IRATA Level II (L2) requirements
  • Tutorial Videos
  • Sample Questions
  • Training Courses

If you have any specific questions, or need some help with anything to do with your assessment, please get in touch and we’ll help you out.

Passing the IRATA Level II (L2) assessment requires a technician to show he/she is capable of performing complex rope access, rescue and rigging techniques.

We’ve collected some great tutorial videos to help you prepare for your IRATA Level 2 assessment.

Thanks to Access Techniques over in England for putting together these tutorials. Click the section to reveal the tutorial video.

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