IRATA Verification

IRATA International is the global authority on rope access safety and quality. Formed in 1989 by offshore companies using rope access techniques, their aim is to provide a safe working environment for the rope access industry.

The IRATA certification system is recognized worldwide as the gold-standard for quality and safety for working at height on rope.

IRATA Verification Is Cool!
Hands up if your IRATA Cert is valid

Rope crews are built on trust therefor you depend on each others’ skill and ability to get on and off the work site safely. An IRATA qualification of any level implies the holder has a certain skill level. These certificates are valid for just three years.

It is of huge importance that the IRATA membership of any individual can be verified by employers and fellow employees alike.

IRATA have provided a facility to instantly verify any IRATA-certified individual.

You can search for a technician’s name and IRATA number here to confirm their level and expiry date.

If you know someone is working under an expired or otherwise invalid certificate it’s your duty to report it.

By providing this facility IRATA are combatting fraud in the industry, you can also visit to run the test.

You can help keep maintain a safe working environment by challenging bad work practices. If you’re not 100% certain of someone credentials then do not risk your life or most of all, the lives of your crew.

There has been a reported increase in the numbers of fraudulent documents which as a result threatens the industry. It’s everyone’s responsibility to stamp out fraud, therefor you must use the IRATA verification tool to your advantage.

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