base bestThe BASE Group

An award winning coatings company operating nation wide. The Base Group specialize in coatings to complicated structures using rope access and other forms of access techniques.

Working at Height

Working-at-heightWorking at Height Academy & Alti-Service is your one-stop shop for training and access solutions. We work nationwide in the United States of America and Ireland.

Our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds; Rope Access, Rope Rescue, Fire Services, Medical Services to name a few.

You know you’re in the best hands for training, contracting, consultancy & safety equipment.

Raising FreedomAmerican flag at sunset

A voluntary organization run by veterans for veterans. Volunteers from Raising Freedom use a mixture of rope access and climbing techniques to repair, replace and ensure the American flag is flying the way it should be.

Elite Rope Access

Specializes in work at height solutions for commercial and residential property owners and managers. Based out of Houston, TX, they provide all forms of interior and exterior maintenance services to clients all over the Lone Star State using rope access techniques to reach even the most difficult, out of reach places.

Rope Access USA